Transform your bedroom décor with luxury vinyl flooring

Transform your bedroom décor with luxury vinyl flooring

If you want an excellent look for your bedroom, luxury vinyl tile and plank have much to offer in visual versatility. You can match any décor you currently have in place or create a new one to build around.

It's easy to transform any bedroom with this fantastic floor covering and all the looks you can create with it. Take a few minutes to consider these options as you prepare for your upcoming remodel.

Natural look materials

One of the best options in luxury vinyl is that the products can mimic all-natural materials like stone, porcelain tile, and solid hardwood. In addition, colors, textures, formats, and installation layouts help luxury vinyl plank and tile look authentic.

With interesting customizations available, these natural looks can help create styles like farmhouse, rustic, beachfront, and colonial. Browse through all the options to see which ones appeal to you most.

Artistic look materials

Another option is a more artistic look, with geometric patterns and abstract designs. These can add dimension and depth to unique interior design schemes, with results that can keep you current even as trends change.

Tile-look materials can sometimes fall under this classification as well. For example, arabesque, Moroccan, and encaustic looks take on a very artistic LVP flooring style with intricate lines and designs that can transform unique spaces.

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