Sometimes only natural stone will do

Natural stone is an amazing floor covering in that it meets so very many needs in just the one product. It offers an amazing elegance that is hard to rival, it’s incredibly hard-wearing and durable, it adds great value to any home, and it’s super easy to match your existing decor. The benefits are hard to argue with, even considering it’s a bit more expensive up front and requires professional installation services for a job done right. In truth, considering the long lifespan of the material, it can actually be a cost-effective floor covering, especially when professionally installed. At Prestigious Flooring and Design, we are more than happy to put our more than 20 years of experience to work for you and any flooring project you have in mind. What’s more, no job is too big or small, and we can help you through every aspect, from the time you walk in the door until you’re walking on your own dream flooring. Our showroom is located in Alpharetta, GA, from where we serve the communities of Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, John’s Creek, Milton, and the Atlanta area. We invite you to visit us any time so that we can be of service to you as well. Our flooring specialists will be standing by to assist you.

Natural stone benefits you should know about

Natural stone floors aren’t just gorgeous and long-lasting, they actually provide far more than that and carry a great number of wonderful benefits. Take, for example, the amazing value they add to your home. Whether you’re building equity or looking to eventually sell, you’ll find these floors make a huge difference almost immediately. What’s more, they don’t soon depreciate either, making them an investment that’s well worth the money. The amazing look of natural stone offers something you’ll never tire of, especially in spaces where foot traffic is excessive. For instance, when placed in the kitchen, they’ll serve you well in appearance, functionality, and durability, and you’ll never tire of the fact that they can easily outlast trend after trend with regard to interior design. It’s important that you have these floors professionally installed, as various specialty tools are necessary for a successful installation. But it’s also important so that you’ll have someone to help explain the maintenance and cleaning requirements if any, that your floors will be needing. Having a friend in the business with floors like these can be very worthwhile.

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